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Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are precise, efficient and safe and should be used to help tackle our housing shortage, climate change and pandemic challenges.


New strategies

Close collaboration with our clients has enabled more SME suppliers, local suppliers and SME architects to participate in framework agreements and the supply of services.

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Employee engagement strategies

Employees across the LHC group are leading the wellbeing agenda at LHC, tackling new needs created by the pandemic and planning for a return to the workplace.

LHC delivering MMC

Modern Methods of Construction is a definition framework created by the UK government, containing seven categories of modern construction services. LHC has completed development of its NH2 framework for Offsite Construction of New Homes which addresses categories 1 and 2.

Our MB1 framework for Modular Buildings provides public sector organisations with easy access to offsite manufactured, volumetric and panelised building systems for permanent or temporary non-residential buildings including schools, colleges, universities, healthcare, emergency services and community buildings.

LHC has recently introduced the Offsite Project Integrator framework (OPI1) to provide the vital technical support required to deal with the unique challenges associated with the integration of offsite projects.

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New frameworks

Offsite Project Integrator Framework

LHC’s Offsite Project Integrator framework can be used by local authorities, housing associations and other social landlords to find the vital technical support they need to deal with the unique challenges, associated with the integration of offsite projects including volumetric, panelised, high-rise and turnkey building systems and to make your offsite project a success.

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LHC - Offsite project integrator framework guide

Best performing frameworks

New and upcoming frameworks

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Whole House Refurbishment (WH2)

March 2020

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Windows and Doors – Aluminium (A7)

June 2020

Loft insultation and energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services (N8C)

June 2020

Rolls of loft insulation

Energy Efficiency Measures & Associated Works (N8)

October 2020


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Construction, Extension & Refurbishment


Offsite Construction of New Homes


Housing Construction and Consultancy


Schools and Community Buildings


General Refurbishment


Modular Buildings

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Roofing, Windows & Doors


Pitched Roofing


Flat Roofing


Entrance Doorsets


Communal Entrance Doors


Windows and Doors – Aluminium


Windows and Doors – PVC-U


Windows and Doors – Timber

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Property Protection & Maintenance


Asbestos Services


Fire Safety


Vacant Property Protection and Associated Services


Water Management

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Kitchen & Bathrooms


Supply of Kitchen Units and Worktops

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Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency and Refurbishment


Heating Services

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