Scaling to new heights and giving a warm welcome to new faces

As we continue to grow the organisation since becoming a CLG in 2023, we recently bolstered the LHC Procurement Group (LHC) team with a further 11 colleagues.

These new recruits help to strengthen our capabilities across the UK, as six were recruited to our regional teams in Wales, Scotland, Leeds, Exeter, and London’s South East, while the remaining five are based at our central office in Uxbridge.

LHC Procurement Group managing director Clive Feeney said: “Here at LHC, we're not just building a team – we're nurturing a community where everyone is valued, informed, and inspired. That community grows stronger with every new member of the team – reflecting our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and excellence – and they each bring a unique perspective and expertise to enrich our team dynamic. We eagerly anticipate the contributions they will bring to our collaborative efforts.”

All 11 were formally welcomed during an induction event held at our Uxbridge office on 29 January 2024, where they heard from members of our senior executive team.

Kicking off proceedings, Clive dove into the history of LHC, sharing insights into our foundational values and our mission moving forward.

This was followed by a briefing from our chief operating officer Jennifer Castle on our organisational structure. Her presentation painted a clear picture of how each department complements one another, reinforcing the idea that every member plays a crucial role in our collective success.

Kalwant Grewal, our company secretary and chief financial officer, then provided a compelling financial overview of LHC, showcasing our stability and growth potential.

After a relaxed lunch break, where team members had the opportunity to mingle and connect, the afternoon was filled with presentations from our regional directors and department heads. These allowed our new employees to gain a deeper understanding of their specific roles and the impact of their contributions on our overarching goals.

The feedback from this event has been overwhelmingly positive and many said they appreciated the chance to meet and engage with their new colleagues and leaders in person.

“This is the largest induction we’ve had at LHC, reflecting the continuing evolution of the organisation and our commitment to investing in both new and existing colleagues,” added Clive.

“As we celebrate this significant milestone, we are reminded of the importance of staying connected and working together to achieve a common purpose. I’d like to extend my thanks to all the speakers and participants who contributed to such a fruitful event.

“The success of this induction has paved the way for it to become a regular quarterly event, ensuring that all new hires receive the same warm welcome and comprehensive introduction to our company. We look forward to hosting more of these events to foster a culture of inclusion, growth, and mutual respect.”

Here's to many more milestones together!

Induction Day
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