LHC's support to Homes for Haringey

LHC had the pleasure of meeting Homes of Haringey to present a rebate cheque of £20,908.32 towards all of the work carried out in the past year.

As a not for profit membership body, LHC distributes a share of any surplus it achieves in a financial year.

By procuring for their Asbestos Removal, Supply of Kitchen Units and Gas Removal and Remediation programmes using the LHC Asbestos Services (AS2), Supply of Kitchen Units & Worktops (K6) and Energy Efficiency & General Refurbishment (N7) frameworks, Homes for Haringey were eligible for the rebate cheque to be used towards the benefit of the local residents.

Denislava Ivanova, Head of Procurement for Homes of Haringey said:

“We always strive to maximise procurement efficiencies and our work with LHC is realising that opportunity. We are pleased to receive a generous cheque which will be used for the benefit of the residents in Haringey.”

For more information on LHC and our frameworks, please check our dedicated framework section here.

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