LHC's support to Newlon Housing Trust's Hardship Fund

As a not for profit membership body, LHC distributes a share of any surplus it achieves in a financial year. By procuring their window replacement programme through the LHC PVC-U framework, Newlon were eligible for a rebate of £3,390.59.

This fund provides relief from financial hardship for vulnerable residents moving into properties coming from temporary accommodation where they have no furniture of their own. Others may be leaving care or supported housing and taking on their first independent tenancy or may be dealing with extreme poverty.

For such residents, having the essential items for their home means they are able to live in comfort without having to resort to loans or high cost ‘rent-to-own’ retailers.

This is where the Hardship Fund can help. It is a crisis fund, available only to residents who would not otherwise be able to purchase the essentials. Newlon’s Community Services team runs the scheme and allocates funding. Over the past four years, hundreds of Newlon residents have benefited from over £150,000.

With our support the Newlon’s Housing Trust, Hardship Fund program have been able to meet their goal of providing funding of up to £600 per household to Newlon residents by helping residents move into an unfurnished property by buying vital furniture pieces. For such residents, having the essential items for their new home meant they were able to live in comfort without having to resort to loans or high cost ‘rent-to-own’ retailers.

This year not only were LHC able to support the Hardship Fund again but our appointed company, Anglian windows, who were awarded the contract to complete Newlon Homes’ Windows and Door project, also contributed towards the fund.

Ross St.Quintin, Head of Sales and Marketing at Anglian Building Products, had the following comments:

“Anglian Building Products (ABP) has a positive Social Value and Community Support programme. In recognition of the good work Newlon’s Hardship Fund program provides, ABP has made a £2500 contribution to support Newlon residents in hardship. By partnering with local stakeholders to deliver support in key areas, residents will not only benefit from improved homes and communal spaces, but also improved stability and enhanced social-emotional wellbeing.

The funding donated from ABP to Newlon’s Hardship Fund is key to helping residents facing emergency situations of debt and poverty and will improve their overall quality of life. ABP recognise the importance of supporting sustainable community initiatives and look forward to continuing our community benefits legacy in partnership with Newlon Housing Trust. The recent new tender procurement process provides an excellent platform for Newlon, ABP and the local stakeholder groups to work together in the future years”.

Graham Watts, Head of Resident Services at Newlon Housing Trust, responds

"The funding is crucial to helping so many of our Residents stabilise and thrive in their homes. Thank you once again and I look forward to updating you in the coming year on future results and the positive impacts on Newlon households.

We hope to continue supporting such a fantastic cause in the coming years."

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